Birth Records and Indexes on the Internet

For Adoptees, Genealogists and Missing Persons Searchers

Finding Birth Records and Indexes on the Internet

Here are some online 20th Century-era (or earlier) birth indexes. The indexes marked "fee-based" are part of an Ancestry subscription.

Arizona Birth Certificates and Index 1855-1941 (free)

California Birth Records Index 1905-1995 (fee-based)

Delaware State Birth Records 1861-1922 (free) includes scanned copies of the birth records that can be downloaded; at FamilySearch

Idaho Birth Index, 1861-1914, and Stillbirth Index, 1905-1964 (fee-based)
Idaho Birth Index, 1861-1911 (free) at FamilySearch

Illinois: Cook County Birth Certificates 75 years or older (index is free with registration; requires payment to download copies of the records)
Illinois: Cook County Birth Certificates Index, 1871-1940 (free) at FamilySearch
Illinois: Cook County Birth Registers Index, 1871-1915 (free) at FamilySearch

Indiana Birth Certificates, 1907-1940 (fee-based) index and digitized images of the birth certificates

Iowa Delayed Birth Records, 1850-1939 (free) at FamilySearch
Iowa State Birth Records Indexes, July 1904-June 1906 (free) from the State Historical Society of Iowa
Iowa: County Births 1880-1935 (free) not complete; at FamilySearch

Kentucky Birth Index 1911-1999 (fee-based) includes some pre-1911 records

Louisiana: New Orleans Birth Records Index, 1790-1915 (fee-based)
Louisiana: Orleans Parish Vital Records, 1905-1913, 1955-1963 (free) at FamilySearch; includes indexes and text-based results for births from 1905-1913, marriages for 1960, and deaths from 1955-1963; digital images of the records can be viewed at some LDS Family History Centers

Maine Birth Records 1892-1922 (fee-based) also has some entries prior to 1892

Massachusetts Birth Index, 1901-1960 and 1967-1970 (fee-based) shows year of birth, but not the date; parents names not given
Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915 (free) at FamilySearch

Michigan Births 1867-1902 (free) at FamilySearch; includes scanned images of the birth registers

Minnesota Birth Index 1900-1934 (free)
Minnesota Birth Index 1935-1995 (fee-based)

Nevada Birth Index 1975-2012 (fee-based)

New Hampshire Birth Certificates 1901-1915 (free) not indexed; at FamilySearch

New Jersey Birth Index, 1670-1980 (free) at FamilySearch; not complete, but has 1.1 million entries
New Jersey Birth Index, 1901-1903 (fee-based)

New York City Birth Records Index 1878-1909 (free)

North Carolina Birth Index 1913-2000 (fee-based) coverage varies slightly by county; also includes some pre-1913 births

Ohio Birth Records Index 1908-1964 (fee-based)

Oregon Births, 1860-1952 (free) not complete; most are from 1868-1898

Pennsylvania Birth Records, 1906-1909 (fee-based) includes digitized copies of the birth certificates
Pennsylvania Birth Indexes, 1906-1911 (free)

South Carolina Birth Certificates, 1915 (free) digitized birth certificates for the year 1915 only

South Dakota Birth Index (free) for births over 100 years ago
South Dakota Department of Health Index to Births 1843-1914 and Marriages 1950-2016 (free) at FamilySearch

Tennessee Birth Records (ER Series), 1908-1912 (free)
Tennessee Delayed Birth Records, 1869-1909 (fee-based)
Tennessee City Birth Records, 1881-1915 (fee-based) for Chattanooga, Knoxville and Nashville; coverage varies by city
Tennessee: Nashville City Birth Index, 1881-1913 and Davidson County Birth Index, 1908-1912 (free)
Tennessee: Shelby County (Memphis) Birth Records Index, 1874-1912 (free)

Texas Birth Index 1903-1997 (fee-based)
Texas Birth Certificates and Index 1903-1935 (free) includes scanned copies of the birth certificates that can be downloaded; at FamilySearch

Utah Birth Certificates, 1903-1911 (fee-based) includes scanned copies of the birth certificates
Utah Birth Certificates, 1905-1909 (free) also has unindexed birth certificates for 1910-1915
Utah Birth Certificates, 1903-1914 (free) at FamilySearch

Vermont Birth Records 1909-2008 (fee-based) includes digitized images; coverage varies by county

Virginia Birth Records Index, 1864-1999 (fee-based) includes scanned copies of the birth certificates from 1864-1913; records prior to 1912 are delayed birth records recorded later

Washington State Birth Index 1907-1919 (fee-based)

West Virginia Birth Records and Index, c.1850s-c.1914 (free) includes scanned copies of the birth records; coverage varies by county; some counties may not be included
West Virginia Birth Index, 1853-1930 (free) at FamilySearch; coverage varies by county

Wisconsin Birth Index 1820-1907 (fee-based)

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